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Shlomo Vile

Vice President, AGT Tax Advisory Group (colleague)  --  managed you

“Justin is one of the most pleasant and capable people I know. He's able to immediately put people in his presence at ease. He has a passion for clarity and for honing in on what works and fixing whatever is not working that make him an extremely valuable team member. He has a keen sense of process and flow so he that he knows what to do to improve those processes. His people skills with enable him to work well with people to make positive change happen. He has a passion for seeing things to completion, following up and making sure that the positive changes endure. He also laughs a lot and is a great communicator both verbally and in writing.” June 12, 2009

AGT Tax & Insurance Services  Skokie, IL        

Financial Planner – Equity indexed annuity sales (EIA)                                                                 Feb 2009-Sept 2009

  • Assistant to VP of Marketing: called prospects, delivered and explained tax documents to clients, wrote newsletters, hired for newsletter mailings and data entry
  • Documented firm sales process; developed sales scripts one-on-one with President; sold EIAs; presented 90 minute seminar to groups of 30+; conducted intake/screening meetings with prospects including gathering personal and financial history and creating personalized balance sheets
  • Promoted twice in 7 months: Temp to Assistant for VP of Marketing to Financial Planner

tags: financial services, sales, sales process, direct sales, [sales scripts]], equity indexed annuities

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