Alternatives to 'smoke breaks'

Doesn't it make sense for companies to make clear incentives toward alternatives to "smoke breaks"? I would imagine both for employers, as well as for insurance companies, it would make sense to try to get employees who DO smoke to use their breaks for a quick walk, 5 minutes in down dog, or some other non-tobacco alternative. So too, for the employees, themselves, eh? I'm not aware of any widespread efforts to this end, but I think it would be a good idea. If you can help give more incentives for smokers to quit, you may improve your insurance premiums and improving the health of your employees can't be a BAD thing, right? For those who DON'T smoke, shouldn't they be encouraged to break up their day with short breaks to give them more energy, rather than working straight through an 8-, 9-, 10-hour day? My workplace experience is that those who smoke take breaks and those who don't smoke don't take (as many) breaks... That's all for now :-)