Dear John McCain, why did you wimp out on your good idea?

Senator McCain, you had all that public support and you had the great idea of improving fuel efficiency by encouraging everyone to check the tire pressure on their own Straight Talk Express... Then you just dropped the ball. That makes me sad. Pick it up, man! Don't cry over spilt milk -- champion good ideas to make this country better, or are you too bitter to do that? Too afraid it might make you look weak? That people might think you're weak? Take a lesson from Al Gore -- dude got a Nobel Prize, man, and he totally invented the internet. Not bad for a man his age in this time... Thank you, sir, for your patriotism, past and future. I, for one, salute you. On behalf of your supporters, keep an eye on that ticker - those lengthy medical reports were part of what made me concerned about voting for you (that and your voting record) - stay in tip-top shape and thank you for your service & dedication.