Mana Threads, LLC spawned several ventures. The recommendations below were written for my work with Mana Mushrooms, and can also be found on LinkedIn, followed by the bullet points from my traditional CV pertaining to Mana Threads/Lightservers:


Eric Fedus

Competitive Intelligence Consultant, Self Employed (colleague)  --  worked directly with you

“My capacity in which I worked with Mr. Lowell-Bellew falls in between LinkedIn's categories of "Colleague" and "Business Partner". We looked at integrating me into the business but I eventually settled into the role as a Board Member or Adviser. He brings a compassionate and systemic perspective to his work. As well, he clearly can competently wear a salesman's hat but is also very much a creative ideas man. He doesn't waiver in his devotion to his work once he sets off moving forward. In the case of Mana Mushrooms Mr. Lowell-Bellew did a very commendable job of a building a network of people who could advise and support him in various capacities in the business.” February 27, 2009


Rob Shook

Business Development Executive, IBM (business partner)  --  was with another company when working with you

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Justin Lowell-Bellew since his undergraduate days at Wabash College; a subsequent relocation for both of us to the Northeast presented the opportunity to get to know each other better, become friends, and collaborate on various projects. Justin has been well-respected as a champion of equality and diversity. He has been personally supportive of my diversity leadership at my employer and in the community, and has provided insightful comments. He was a recognized leader on campus and has maintained both the relationships and his tradition of inclusion well after his college experience. His ability to communicate on these (and other topics) is not only the product of a solid liberal-arts education, but also comes naturally to him. He has a stunning comprehension of issues around sustainability and “green” issues; he is able to inform, educate, and motivate others without preaching (while, at the same time, having the desired impact ). He has a substantial drive to accomplish – not necessarily a drive to succeed, especially not at the cost of the principles he holds – but a drive to make a significant impact on the world around him. It’s not a hunger just for the label of “success”, nor the trappings of it: it’s a desire to accomplish, and to leave the world a better place for his having been there. It is rare that I can give someone a wholly-unreserved recommendation; in Justin’s case, though, I can – and do – stand in complete support of his current abilities and his potential to make a significant, positive impact on society as a whole.” January 10, 2010


Mana Threads, LLC                                                                                  Jackson, WY

Co-Founder (entrepreneurial venture)                                                        2005-2006                

·        Built Lightservers business model and disbursement spreadsheet to automate compensation for open source core developer  

          community and supporting nonprofits

·        Served as the bridge from tech-fluent co-founders to mainstream market – sales, marketing, client service roles in site development

           as well as with prospects and clients

·        Profitable within 6 months of launch, servicing exclusively free, open-source software

·        Sold Lightservers venture to Mana Threads co-founder