Market Track BDE cover letter

There is a time for humility and there is a time for me to complete this job application. I suppose it's not surprising that I feel I'd be a great candidate for two positions with different firms each acquired by Vista Equity Partners. This opportunity with Market Track appeals to me because it leverages data driven insights to deliver eCommerce intelligence solutions services. I love selling services and I love data. I'm interested in the opportunity to join a market leader in the space and help you stay there. Who doesn't like being on a winning team? Leading engagements with clients and driving business outcomes is where I thrive and this seems like a great opportunity to do it. I look forward to learning more about your value proposition and whether this opportunity is as good a fit as I think it is.

If the right hand is talking to the left, you'll have picked up on this process from cross-referencing my Xactly application: for each application I complete, in addition to this part of the process, I build a dynamic, interwoven page on my blog that taps into the depth and breadth of my experience in what I hope you'll find is a uniquely refreshing approach to the application process.