Pangea success stories

Developed and used sales tools and integrated (CRM) with QuickBooks

recommendation from My LinkedIn from Heather Lieder, who I worked with:

Within the first 6 weeks of his 32 hour/week internship, Justin had created over $20,000 in business value for Pangea Organics. By week 8, he had finished integrating our CRM system ( with our accounting system (Quickbooks) and was generating new sales. He learned the language of our industry quickly and by the time his internship ended, he had generated more cold, direct sales than the sum of his cash compensation for the summer. He unselfishly generated indirect sales through other channels and in support of his colleagues at 10-20x his own sales numbers. 

Justin also built tools to help drive Pangea’s sales engine, crafted effective template emails and printed collateral, built systems for prospecting, filled his pipeline, helped the sales team better understand our sales cycle. In addition, he built easy-to-understand Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for the processes he authored. He is a high-bandwidth team player and a strong listener, able to help colleagues while completing his own objectives. The depth and breadth of his experience, his can-do attitude, and his sales aptitude are a powerful combination and evident to all around him. He did not require management or extensive direction; he asked questions when he needed clarification and was able to quickly understand the big picture and execute to achieve business objectives. 

I look forward to opportunities to work with him in the future and would recommend him to anyone who needs someone with a “total package skill set” who “gets it” and can execute from the mundane to the complex.