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In the spirit of open-sourcing the X-Lint innovation, please find the following information to begin a discussion. My intention is to help harvest negawatts or opportunities to improve efficiency - the best energy resource - energy that can be saved with a positive return on investment! Big shout out to my friends at POINT380, RMI, and E Source who are all on the same page.

X-Lint is a manifestaiton of my passion for Business Solutions to Social and Environmental Problems as well as my disdain for muda. Dryers of all shapes and sizes spin this very moment around the world, drying the linens and garments we use. On the filters of these dryers accumulate bits of fiber, hair, and other lint material. As this material is trapped on the filter, it makes the dryer less and less efficient. Typically, dryer filters are inaccessible during operation and are expected to be cleaned between uses. What if these filters were self-cleaning? They would be able to dry more clothes, more dry, in less time, saving us all time, money and risk of fire. That's the idea behind X-Lint.

Here are the prototype drawings...

X-Lint prototype A

X-Lint prototype B

And a manufactured prototype used at competitions...

X-Lint Prototype 1

Here are business plans from along the way - special thanks to George Deriso!

X-Lint Business Plan 1

30-slide X-Lint Deck

X-Lint feasibility study