RMI success stories

Beyond getting published and doing some great work to help private commercial and municipal fleet managers and utilities adopt electric vehicles and generally prepare for and learn from others about protips for vehicle electrification initiatives, Matt Matilla's recommendation from My LinkedIn profile does a good job of tooting my horn:

Justin managed to produce a solid deliverable for RMI while juggling a full time MBA schedule. He excelled in team meetings and was able to jump in and provide strategic insights on his research. While Justin is great in a team environment, I was most impressed with his ability to take his work to the next level without constant feedback. Given tight time constraints, and despite inconvenient circumstantial transitions, he remained confident and engaged. He has a knack for driving projects forward on his own and is one of the most successful individuals I have ever worked with on connecting with cold calls. He exceeded expectations by providing succinct, professional analysis and anticipating appropriate next steps, making it easy to work smoothly and effectively through what might have otherwise been challenging remote work arrangement.