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Some getting-to-know-you resources pertaining to RMI:

RMI at 25 - Imagine a world ~10 Min

RMI at 25 - RetroFuturespective ~ 14 min

MIT ~90min video on Winning the Oil Endgame

TED ~20 minute version of Winning the Oil Endgame


Energy-related media coverage

Rocky Mountain Institute – Project Get Ready                                                     2011 Intern

  • Web-published assessment of implications of a transition in US spending on oil to electricity in the context of electric vehicles, focused on local spending multipliers & net job impacts.

“Justin is great in a team environment …[He has a] knack for driving projects forward on his own… one of the most successful individuals I have ever worked with on connecting with cold calls…”

Matt MattilaConsultant, Rocky Mountain Institute (colleague)

Local spending multiplier implications for vehicle electrification - the article I published while working on Project Get Ready