X-Lint Resources

Tiax report to DOE (2005) - advent of gas dryer sought by market in part due to efficiency gainssimilar to those of the X-Lint.

“Consumer feedback work conducted on this program indicated that consumers were very responsive to a gas dryer which could save significant amounts of time for the overall drying cycle, provided there was no adverse effect on energy efficiency or cloth temperatures.” This leads me to wonder whether the DryerBalls' increased depreciation of clothes might represent a drawback of that tool and, whether the X-Lint can help reduce similar wear & tear depreciation on clothing, making a claim on the attendant value add and indirect environmental implications -- possible partnership with Patagonia's buy less initiative? The case: reduce the temperature on your drying clothes and get just as much out of the cycle due to increased air flow.


2005 DOE report shows number of dryers

2001 EIA report shows amount of energy use

  • Dryers use 5.8% of total HH energy use = 65.9 billion kWh or 1,079 per HH * 61.1 M HHs w dryer

Colorado Energy Statistics - CU