Xactly Enterprise AE cover letter

I'm bagging what you're mowing. I'm pickin' up what you're puttin' down. I like the Xactly vibe and I think we might be on the same wavelength.

You're looking for an experienced, energetic, motivated and articulate team player? I've got 15+ years of experience but I still have the intrinsic motivation to go the distance. I'm a communication chameleon -- I scored in the 99th percentile on the GMAT verbals and can communicate effectively with C-Suite execs, but I speak Millennial and can sing along to Mos Def, too. I see your BA and raise you an MBA. 

I have the quota carrying experience required, some of it in software and some of it in disparate industries ranging from sustainability consulting to chemicals to pool and spa disinfection systems. My range of experience has given me transferable skills invaluable in the pursuit of business development. I know SaaS and CRM and I'm enough of a renaissance man to find common ground with the target market -- right now I'm working with the OG of Salesforce.com partners: Bluewolf. Working here I realized how much I miss sales. I NEED to put my communication skills to work and I miss earning fat commission checks. I am a lifelong student of sales, marketing and analytics and I have the experience and degrees to prove it. I look forward to the opportunity to meet in person and figure out whether there's a fit here. On paper, I think this is a great opportunity and I feel like an exceptional candidate; I know I have the skills you can't buy and can't fake. My experience and natural propensity to study sales feels like exactly the combination you're looking for and I have a healthy sense of how rare a combination that is.

I LOVE that respect is one of your core (CARE) values and I know enough to understand the importance of sharing those values. Even before my Psychology undergrad degree and minor in Economics, I was fascinated with the concept of aligning incentives to drive behavior and that's what you help companies do. I'd love to come aboard and help the cause!

Best Regards,