Carbon Karma Resources - Cap-and-Trade, Carbon Tax, Offsets... Breathe Deeply While You Still Can

A few web resources I found interesting while exploring the internet in search of a better understanding of what Carbon dioxide is doing to and for us. This is a complicated issue and I'm not decided on tax versus cap-and-trade, but I have done some research and like to share... with you... whoever you are :-) There will be more to come, but this is a good start to get your feet wet or inform you a bit more if you already consider yourself a fancy-pants.

First and not least, I'd like to acknowledge TIST, The International Small Group Tree Planting organization.

They are one of the most thoughtful projects of which I am aware in the marketplace. I have done a little work for them and found their funder to be a thoughtful, intelligent person and believe they are likely one of the best organizations in the space. I play around a lot in this space and can say confidently that they are one of the most morally upstanding groups I have come across. In a space where trust is important, since you're taking someone's word at some point that the action is really happening and people are not being takien advantage of but rather empowered by the project that kills your guilt, this is my choice. Buy their credits online through Grow Clean Air.

Treehugger - a Survey of Carbon Offset Projects

WikiHow - "How do I buy an offset, then?"

Neutralize Your Pollution -- a bit oversimplified and they have 4 links to buy credits... hm.

CarbonAided - another offset opportunity that claims ethical standards: I like that they at least raise the issue - thoughtful.

e-Blue Horizons

AtmosClear -- they have an easy-to-understand buy offset option -- there's something to be said for that

CarbonFund -- I'm not sure how they make it fly with being tax deductible, but it looked like a good site

Here are some places to take ACTION:


Here's a geeky study for those who like to mix it up

Carbon Calculator Case Study (VW Golf - 28p PDF)