Carbon is Cake - Being Green is Easier Than Kermit Thought

In 2007, I gifted my cousin a lifetime offset - a Climate Tag from Carbon Fund. The card/recipt that came in the mail as proof of purchase said "over 50,000 lbs CO2". That seems a bit short for a lifetime of consumption. Perhaps a lifetime for those who use resources at a rate 3.4 times LESS than that of North Americans-? Still, in order to afford the offset on the meager salary of someone who depends on people clicking their mouse button, I only even got one between us. I think it cost about $100. I understand the wholesale US market rate for offsets to be somewhere around $3, but that information is old and I figure it has appreciated and, if it were opened to individuals at a retail rate would probably be something like $10/ton, certified or somehow proven. 50,000 lbs is about 25 tons. Not sure how many tonnes. Still, this seems by any measure to be a reasonable cost for killing all the guilt spurred by the heaviest media coverage since the last time we had something else prominent they didn't want to cover... I also purchased travel offsets. You can purchase offsets for a certain amount of air travel. Although it's not entirely reliable, "it's something"; your emissions from air travel will vary significantly depending on the number of flights you make and your average flight segment length because takeoff and landing are by far the most energy intensive parts of any trip. If you have lots of short segments, your emissions per passenger mile travelled will be greater than if you have fewer, longer segments. This is further complicated by the fact that emissions at different altitudes have different impacts on the atmosphere, but by the time you're contemplating that, I hope you're contributing comments here to help build the knowledgebase :-)