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Mashup example visual

This would be of great service to cyclists -- maybe as much as separated bike lanes*, which I thought sounded daunting from a city planner perspective, but the UK has done a lot of the heavy lifting, generating a grid of many different lane configurations based on traffic needs and existing infrastructure. Where would we be without those folks we left behind so many generations ago on that island with bad weather, worse food and monarchy?


You need Google Earth for this one: solar fields, the description says they're not open to the public – a good sign that

something interesting is going on - like the green roof on Chicago's City Hall.

Look- Google Earth Community page, “Environment and Conservation (Moderated):

 Australia’s NPI or National Pollutant Inventory: This visualisation gets into some interesting analyses


*... but probably not as much as a better system for fixing potholes, which can be literally fatal: