Washing Machines of Death - Wasting More Water Than You Knew You Were

I'm on my appliance binge and I have taken on my Speed Queen. No, it's not gender identity crisis time, it's one of the most popular commercial washers on the market. This coin operated unit is a top-loaded SWT model: SWT220WM.


It's a 120V 60 Hz 9.8 Amp unit

comlaundry.com has some tools for specifications here; just click through to your product (or something like it as in the case with the SWT 220) - in my case the topload washer SWT/SWL series. Using the 910 as a comparable, I get this printable spec sheet. This is what I'm after. This is what I wanted for the blender (prior post). It tells me I use 26.6 gallons per cycle, but neither the representative on the phone, who was very courteous and helpful nor I have any idea what the Modified Energy Factor is...  John tells me that it depends on how the variable control is set by the user. I grin wryly thinking about asking my landlord or the super - I'm sure that's how they want to spend their afternoon. John CAN tell me from the in-house spec sheets for my model, not available on the net, that this model will use 30.5 gallons to 39.5 gallons per cycle and that the tub size is 2.9 cubic feet. It's Modified Energy Factor is 1.26. I imagine it has some standardization in mind - perhaps Energy Star has some insight, though they do not have comprehensive data - check out what they do have regarding washing machines. In part, it's the same problem; if you develop your own metric, it's on you to make it stick. To make it stick, you need to have marketshare. Maybe Energy Star knows the best selling models and has used those that represent 90% of US marketshare. Maybe they just built partnerships based on some other criteria. Remember, it IS a governmental agency.

Understandably, the energy and water use will be different from machine to machine, especially when one compares hot to cold wash / rinse options, etc. Still, it would be nice to have this data to be able to compare models. I'll keep looking if you do.