Waste Data Base: Europe Leads the Way For US Tracking Waste Flow Data

Waste(Data)Base:I had a problem loading the direct link and had to remove wastebase, then find the right link: well worth it. From the site:
WasteBase is an electronic database with information on waste and waste management in Europe. This includes waste quantities, policies, plans, strategies, and instruments.

"Diversion Strategy": there is no more 'away'.

See also: GAIA -- I met a rep. from this group at Bioneers a few years ago; they do great, important work.

European Environment Agency, based in Denmark = Source.

The Road From Landfilling to Recycling: Common Destination, Different Routes

On the country groupings, my impression is that the less than 25% incineration and greater than 25% material recovery is the goal. I have no idea what numbers are in the US. If you have a source citation with reliable data for inclusion, please contact me through the contact us form.

...and another reason to move to the Netherlands (same source as above):

The resolution's not too hot, here, so the image is harder to appreciate, but the source is right there, so check it out. The bottom line is that we have a lot to learn from countries that leave less on the table. I have recently begun to think about landfill diversion in the enriched context of re-introducing capital into production. We have already spent the energy to make a bottle or a metal structure. The earth has already been disturbed to extract the resources. Why not capitalize on the low-hanging fruit, rather than re-harvesting raw materials? Where possible, re-use, one of the less favored siblings of recycle, also avoids additional energy input. Until we resolve the energy challenges we face, this is an important component in a realistic solution. It's kind of funny to think about it like the Olympics; United States versus Denmark versus... but it's one way we look at things and if it helps us devise solutions to have a competitive spirit about the whole affair, I'm game.