Clear Comfort success stories

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My primary personal achievements were personally closing over $200,000 in business and leading a team to close more than twice that, together. We jumped hurdles of product certification and a new-to-market technology, selling a high trust service (water treatment) .

I love team sales. Working in the field, side-by-side with reps in Colorado, Texas, Arizona, and California, we built relationships with a skeptical crowd ranging from architects and designers to commercial pool operators to dealers and indivudual homeowners.

With Louie in Dallas, we successfully pitched a one-call close with a municipal customer. The installation was plagued with challenges due to the size and flow of the system (2 parallel 18" pipes) and were ultimately able to improve indoor air quality and reduce chlorine and energy consumption. So too with team members in Boulder, we worked to close and install the first YMCA indoor pool and were subsequently featured in the Daily Camera regarding the improvements to air quality and swimmer comfort.

The price point was a challenge for most buyers in both residential and commercial markets; residential systems cost $2,995 and commercial systems range from $10,000-$50,000.

I built the relationship with the largest manufacturer of stainless steel hot tubs and pools in the country: Bradford Spas.


Clear Comfort is a great example of a company that allowed me to build a business while achieving alignment with my values. I'm passionate about Water and energy - the stress nexus. I'm also a fan of biomimetic technologies - leveraging millions of years of nature as a research and development lab. Clear Comfort licenses a technology from Silver Bullet for use in the pool and spa industry. The crux of the technology is the separation of O2 Oxygen into O-1 or monatomic Oxygen. The inspiration for the technology is the interaction between the magnetic flux of the Earth and solar radiation from the sun. This interaction separates O2 into O1 which in-turn pulls a Hydrogen from H2O in the upper atmosphere to create hydroxyl radicals, a powerful oxidizer.

Clear Comfort creates O1 and injects it into the return line of a pool or spa. The oxidation replaces chlorine in most traditional applications. This means dramatic reductions or elimination of chlorine in private pools and spas. This means better cared for and less contaminated water. Pouring toxic chemicals into pool and spa water kicks off a cascade of needing to add more and more to balance them. Ultimately, this leads to wasted water; pool and spa owners have to add fresh water to dilute the chemistry to provide swimmable conditions. 

In the municipal market, UV is also prevalent as 'secondary sanitation,' in addition to chlorine. The UV light literally shines on the water and denatures the DNA of bacteria that pass through the return line in the path of the light. This method of sanitation is extremely energy intensive. Clear Comfort provided me with a vehicle to reduce energy and chemical consumption, providing safer water for swimmers and more efficient systems for pool/spa owners and operators.

I worked as the driving sales force in the Boulder headquarters, building and training a team of sales people. I authored sales materials and emails, fielded inbound calls, and cold called commercial facilities to discuss our technology with them. I built proposals, helped install systems, and stayed in close communication with early adopter customers in both residential and commercial markets.