Oh look nestled among the changing aspens next to the Boulder multi use path, it's a substation!

Energy infrastructure can be beautiful. I was riding on the path the other day and felt that it was encumbent upon me to capture something other than an ominous smokestack, so I took this sunflared panorama of a substation in Boulder :)


I'm an energy geek, focused on efficiency. I love the Japanese framing: (Muda)

I've worked with Rocky Mountain Institute and as of this writing, am consulting for E Source, the for-profit spinoff from RMI, developing an Emerging Technologies Database ("ETDB"). The nature of the work is distilling technical reports for eficiency data points, scraping data on relative savings of new technologies (incandescent --> CFL --> LED), the respective costs and thereby costs of energy saved (CSE), and absolute savings (kWh, Therms) into spreadsheets. This data will ultimately be a new offering for corporate enrgy managers (CEMs) and utilities. Our aim is to help our customers profitably explore efficiency opportunities by informing their decisions.


Videos about energy: