Mana Mushrooms

Mana Mushrooms was a concept born from ZERI principles of nature as a model for business, reframing "wastes" which are not found in nature as "inputs" for systems design projects. In this case, I used industrial by-products from picture frame moulding manufactiring and brewery spent grain and CIP fluids as inputs to generate oyster mushrooms.

Mana Mushrooms slide shows 

Mana Mushrooms, LLC                                                                                                                  Boston & Chicago

Founder (entrepreneurial venture)                                                                                                      2005-2008

  • Entrepreneur in sustainable agriculture and industrial symbiosis, using wastes as inputs
  • Financed, designed, and built laboratory, clean room, and cultivation space for research
  • Developed industrial partnerships and recaptured byproducts using nature as a model
  • Conducted lab research; collected & analyzed data to determine cost of production
  • Researched processes to reduce waste for exotic edible mushroom cultivation
  • Authored, published hundreds of pages of content documenting and explaining research
  • Worked with River Valley Kitchens to learn retail side of farmers’ markets 

tags: Agriculture, systems design, mushrooms, ZERI, mushroom cultivation, entrepreneurial