I had exposure to the spa industry through Clear Comfort. I built a strategic relationship with Bradford Saps: the world's largest manufacturer of stainless steel pools and spas. Gorgeous high-end custom work... My colleague Alex and I also helped build the relationship with Longmont-based Diamond Spas. 

Maximum Comfort Pool & Spa was another customer in the space, based in Vail.

The Clear Comfort technology can be installed in-line, typically leveraging the pre-installed venturi bypass for injection of Clear Comfort's gas. Hydroxyl radicals created by the Clear Comfort system, in conjunction with standard filtration, were able to virtually nullify the impacts of bather loading equivalent to 50 people in a 4 person tub within 24 hours. This was exciting stuff for the spa industry and it was an exciting time to be at Clear Comfort.

I loved working alongside my teammates in the field, team-selling and evolving our pitch for different markets from hotels to spas to water parks to individual homeowners. We installed and maintained systems in residential and commercial facilities. In both commercial and in-home applications, pools and spas are snowflakes -- no two are exactly the same.