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Stephen C Ludwig (D)

Tyler Belmont (American Constitution)

Brian Davidson (R)

Daniel Ong (Libertarian)

Stan Garnett is running unopposed.

This makes me wonder what impact NOT voting for him would have...

Elise Jones (D)

Shane Hampton (Libertarian)



SO MANY JUDGES... This was the part that shocked me. Part of me thinks voting everyone out of office periodically might be a good idea. The other part of me sent me off on the interwebs to learn about the candidates & Share. What I'd really like to see for all the judges is voting records. Basically, I wound up not retaining old white guys unless they had a compelling background and retaining women and other minorities. In one case, the guys makes $130K+, but he disclosed it, which made me much more comfortable with him taking it and less comfortable with his colleagues not having done so (and, of course, updating their Judgepedia page) ;)


Retain Nathan B Coats ? (Yes or No)

Court of Appeals (6)

District Judge 20th Judicial District (2)

County Judge - Boulder


Colorado on Judgepedia:

State Senate District 18