My SaaS experience is varied.

Most recently, I've been working on an agile development team at Bluewolf. The nature of my contributions are mostly backlog- and project management, as well as coordination and strategy with customers.

As far back as 2002, I was working for KLD, selling their SRI or Socially responsible investment tools: Socrates and Compliance. Socrates was an early SaaS tool that helped portfolio managers screen portfolios for institutional investors on over 70 social and environmental issues from Military to Tobacco screens to superfund liabilities and more. I sold the Compliance service to managed accounts programs like SEI, one of the largest managed accounts programs in the country at the time. Compliance helped SEI automate trading restrictions based on investor policy statement criteria to automatically avoid investment out of harmony with investor mandates.

In between, I started an entrepreneurial endeavor with friend called Lightservers where we focused on exclusively free and open source tools to help people and groups built websites using anything from MediaWiki to Mambo to WordPress to customized Linux distributions.

I also did some development work with Grass Commons, the team responsible for the tool that helped me build this website: wagn!