I never cared much for Chemistry in school, but I was able to understand enough to sell several hundred thousand dollars worth of Clear Comfort pool disinfection systems. These pool and spa disinfection tools use a biomimetic technology to separate Oxygen (O2) into O-1 or single molecules of Oxygen. These molecules pull a Hydrogen from the water in the return line of the pool to oxidize contaminants with no negative impact on swimmers or the environment. I am happy to support this and similar technologies that displace the use of oxidizers and corosive chemicals that are poisonous to swimmers and the environment.  

I also helped Vision Chemical Systems penetrate UniFirst during my 18 months there. My experience with Vision helped build my understanding of wash alley chemistry as well as the processes for treating wastewater on-site before returning effluent to municipal waste streams. At Vision I also helped pioneer LaaS or Laundry as a service. Both in hotel and industrial markets, some portion of laundry, after being rewashed with aggressive chemistry (harsh chemicals that burn skin and poison water), are discarded as stained beyond repair and unusable. Vision's chemistry helped us save a high percentage of these garments and linens for return back to service at a lower cost than replacement and birthed LaaS.