Market Track BDE

Market Track BDE cover letter

Job description as posted:

As a Business Development Executive (BDE), you will have the opportunity to work with some of the world’s most iconic brands to help bring to life their advertising, marketing, and pricing strategies through Market Track’s rich portfolio of solutions and insights. Our Business Development Executives get to lead a team of cross-functional professionals from within our fast-paced, high growth culture to drive growth within an assigned territory of existing and potential clients. Our most successful BDE’s develop account strategies for the growth of the assigned territory by prioritizing and profiling each assigned organization. These strategies include analysis and identification of senior-level key decision makers and influencers within and across each buying center.

Through the assessment of opportunity in a territory, the BDE should develop insight into and communicate our value proposition to all prospects. The BDE will leverage existing resources, develop new materials, and work with other key personnel to refine and implement changes in existing sales strategy.

Responsibilities Include

Continuing growth of Market Track’s most valuable customers

With KLD I was able to grow the $3M book of business by 20%, net, maintaining relationships and adding new logos, over 3 years.

Generate leads through professional networking and cold-calling techniques

At KLD  I cold-called hundreds of institutional investment managers and networked at conferences to grow existing relationships and build new business.

At Clear Comfort I sold one-call closes on the road in Texas to and at the show in Las Vegas. I cold-called and networked my way into over $200,000 in some of the startup's first sales and led teams to deliver over twice that much in two years.

Prospect and build new business in assigned territory

At KLD the territory was national. At Clear Comfort each sales rep I worked with had their state (TX, CO, AZ, CA) to work with for residential sales and collaborated with me for commercial sales opportunities. In both circumstances, we grew our business through effective prospecting and territory management. The same can be said of my time with Vision Chemical Systems and AGT.

Build strong relationships with clients and prospective clients by creating trust and confidence at multiple levels within and across key buying centers

I can speak to this most effectively by getting out of the way and letting customers I have worked with in the past serve as references; of course i think I'm great at this, but the proof is in the relatiosnhips I have built along the way. I have customer references from all walks of life and all stages of the sales process from my sales roles with KLD, Clear Comfort, and Vision Chemical Systems.  

Uncover and develop client business needs based on Market Track’s unique Point of View and set of comprehensive capabilities

I look forward to learning more about your unique point of view and capabilities, but provided there's a reason, some meaningful points of differentiation, and authentic value on which you build your value proposition, we're in business.

Articulate and demonstrate the value of Market Track’s solutions individually and as a unique set of connected capabilities

This sounds an awful lot like the prompt above, but I get it. It's also why some feel sales people are disingenuous; if there's value and you can articulate it to your target audience in a way that is resonant for them, that's all there is to sales. It's that simple and that complicated, which is part of why I enjoy sales so much.

Lead the complete sales cycle from opportunity identification to contract negotiation and close across all product lines by working with clients, prospects, the Market Track account team, and Market Track’s solution experts

This is a great description of my primarily sales roles with KLD, Vision Chemical Systems, and Clear Comfort. I am comfortable leading the sales from prospect through negotiation to close through renewal and upgrade. When there's a team to help, so much the better - I can't wait to meet them!

Bachelor’s degree required

I see your bachelor's requirement and raise you my CU MBA

4+ years of new business sales or individual contribution

Between KLD, Vision Chemical Systems, and Clear Comfort alone, I have 7 years of individual contribution.

Proven record of strong sales results where the individual has met and/or exceeded annual goals and has been a valued contributor

Through my sales focused career experience I have a proven track record despite some meaningful challenges along the way from humble beginnings through harrowing experiences with unscrupulous individuals. I have learned a lot and bring the collective wisdom and experience of those lessons to bear for whoever I'm working for. At KLD holiday bonuses were paid for the first time in years as a consequence of my performance. At Vision Chemical Systems I landed an enterprise account but the installation was not performed in support of the sale, so you might hear some interesting stories about whether that contribution was valued depending who you ask, including my primary contact, who remains a friend and reference. The same can be said for many of my customers and business relationships I built with Clear Comfort

Strong knowledge of sales process, including pipeline and priority organization

I am truly a student of sales, marketing, and analytics. I have always been a sales and BD guy and going back to get my MBA was a two-year demonstration of my analytical focus and commitment. You can't manage what you can't measure; I get it. I understand what this means BOTH from the perspective of the sales person as well as that of the sales manager. I also understand where the rubber meets the road for sales is the CRM platform we use to track and manage ou pipeline. I get that so much I went to Bluewolf to get closer to my favorite platform: Salesforce.

From well before my Psychology undergraduate study, driven by what makes people tick, I have had an authentic interst in sales and marketing and how these disciplines are practiced in various contexts. My interests continue beyond the workday into my personal time, contemplating how prospects are hearing messages, what customers are saying, and how I can more effectively convey the value proposition to move the dial for my company.

Proven record of prospecting new clients or prospecting within existing clients at senior levels of organizations

At KLD, I called on CIOs of the largets pension funds in the US, Compliance officers, Directors of Equity Research and other senior level positions, successfully prospecting these audiences in 7 of the largest 10 money managers in the US.

At Vision Chemical Systems, I called on the Production Manager and GM of the facility and the Senior Vice President and grandson of the founder of the parent company, ultimately winning them over through a presentation and demo process spanning several days of live trials and meetings.

At Clear Comfort I called on Facility Directors, Parks & Recreation Directors, business owners, and Presidents of partners who ultimately purchased products and services and integrated Clear Comfort's technology. 

Experience selling in market research, advertising, marketing, data services

My experience with KLD was the most direct comparison for market research, providing research on over 70 social and environmental factors to empower decisions of institutional money managers controlling billions of dollars. Data services better describes offerings from Bluewolf and POINT380; I'm not in a sales role with Bluewolf, which has made me realize how much I want to get back into sales and at POINT380, I was only working as a contractor so did not have a chance to ramp up their sales as I had hoped.

Cold calling experience

I have references that have mentioned my capacity for cold calling success on My LinkedIn and have ample examples from my years at KLD, Vision Chemical Systems, and Clear Comfort as well as (per the reference) RMI.

Exceptional Microsoft Office skills

From G suite to Microsoft, these skills feel like basic tools of the trade. We're all going to have carpal tunnel and won't be able to see anything from all our screen time by the time we're 70.

Teamwork oriented

I love working with teams and, similar to my comment above about customers being the best objective source of truth about my interactions with customers, I would point to references published on My LinkedIn profile as well as unpublished but readily available references from colleagues everywhere I've worked in my career and throughout my education to speak to any aspect of my candidacy for this opportunity.