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Part of my process for opportunities I'm seriously considering is to normalize the job descriptions using a word cloud to determine the relative frequency of words from the description, stripping them of their context to see whether they feel like a good fit. From the word cloud of the 50 most prominent words from this job posting, the following popped out at me:

Sales, team, account, management, success, strong, values, Executive, performance, compensation, years, strategic, customer, proud, culture, opportunities, incentive, growth, motivated, business

All of these speak to my experience, qualifications, and shared values between Xactly and me. I have led teams, grown businesses, built successful customer relationships and grown accounts. I have years of experience and appreciate the relationship between performance and compensation, both from applied and theoretical perspectives, having studied Psychology and having worked most of my professional life in sales & business development. 

 Job Title: Enterprise Account Executive  |  Location: Denver, CO

Position Type: Regular  |  Position Level: Mid-level  |  Travel Requirements: Some travel required

I'm bagging what you're mowing. I'm pickin' up what you're puttin' down. I like the Xactly vibe and I think we might be on the same wavelength.

You're looking for an experienced, energetic, motivated and articulate team player? I've got 15+ years of experience but I still have the intrinsic motivation to go the distance. I'm a communication chameleon -- I scored in the 99th percentile on the GMAT verbals and can communicate effectively with C-Suite execs, but I speak Millennial and can sing along to Mos Def, too. I see your BA and raise you an MBA without the sassy attitude or sense of entitlement.

I have the quota carrying experience required, some of it in software and some of it in disparate industries ranging from sustainability consulting to chemicals to pool and spa disinfection systems. My range of experience has given me transferable skills invaluable in the pursuit of business development. I know SaaS and CRM and I'm enough of a renaissance man to find common ground with the target market -- right now I'm working with the OG of Salesforce.com partners: Bluewolf. Working here I realized how much I miss sales. I NEED to put my communication skills to work and I miss earning fat commission checks. I am a lifelong student of sales, marketing and analytics and I have the experience and degrees to prove it. I look forward to the opportunity to meet in person and figure out whether there's a fit here. On paper, I think this is a great opportunity and I feel like an exceptional candidate; I know I have the skills you can't buy and can't fake. My experience and natural propensity to study sales feels like exactly the combination you're looking for and I have a healthy sense of how rare a combination that is.

I LOVE that respect is one of your core (CARE) values and I know enough to understand the importance of sharing those values. Even before my Psychology undergrad degree and minor in Economics, I was fascinated with the concept of aligning incentives to drive behavior and that's what you help companies do. I'd love to come aboard and help the cause! Care Values


  • Educate the market about the power behind inspiring performances across their team(s), primarily targeting C-Suite executives

A close friend of mine, Gabriel Grant, works in this space with his Human Cards venture, so I have had exposure to the concepts and value proposition through my role as a friend-mentor. I understand the value and love helping teams do more, together. The C-suite can be a tricky bunch of personalities. I speak their language and am confident I can convey the importance of Xactly's offerings.

  • Demonstrate our products and tailor messages for multiple executives within an account

Multiple executives means multiple points of view, multiple perspectives, and multiple messages that must resonate with one another to be perceived as authentic. This comes naturally because I'm always authentic, so nothing I say ever conflicts with what I have represented (between audiences, for example). Instead, my messaging serves to reinforce itself as a tapestry of interconnected truth that allows me to build on the value proposition established with one stakeholder by adding in others and enriching the mosaic of communication.

  • Report sales activity and forecast to senior sales management

Not to downplay the importance of this function, but I see this as part & parcel of any sales role. Without metrics and pipeline reports, sales is a rudderless chase. I'm fanatical about logging my activity in my CRM tools because I've seen first hand at KLD, Clear Comfort, and Vision Chemical Systems the impact this has on my pipeline and that of my team. When I have worn a management hat, I have expected these reports and forecasts and I abhor double-standards, so it would be hypocritical AND self-defeating for me to not deliver them when wearing a quota-carrying hat. 

  • Take control of fluid and intricate sales cycles in a team selling environment

I've got more references for my capacities along this dimension from my experience at Clear Comfort, KLD, CU Leeds MBA program, and Vision Chemical Systems. I love team selling just as much as lone wolf 'hunting'; it's different and, when I've had the pleasure of being part of a strong team with reasonable support, it's fun, exhilirating, and rewarding. This is particularly characteristic of my work on X-Lint, Clear Comfort, and CU Leeds MBA program.

Required Skills:

  • BS/BA

Yes: Wabash College + CU Leeds MBA

  • 5+ years of quota carrying sales experience (software sales experience a big plus!)

6+ years of quota carrying sales experience between Clear Comfort, Vision Chemical Systems and KLD. With KLD I got my first 3 years of SaaS Sales experience and built upon that at Lightservers and Bluewolf.

  • Proven record of sales success throughout sales career

This is a great opportunity to share career success stories

  • Working knowledge of the ICM and/or CRM/SAAS space a plus

I know and am passionate about CRM and SaaS solutions. I've been a big fan and user/admin of Salesforce since 2003 and SaaS is my jam. I' a technology fan and early adopter / innovator. I enjoy not only using the tools, but helping evolve them and contribute to the underlying solutions to help drive value for the customer.

  • Exceptional communication skills & professionalism

It amazes me how challenging this is to find and how much I stand out from my peers and colleagues, even many educated at Ivy League institutions, when it comes to communicating via phone, email, and in-person with clients and colleagues. It's refreshing to find others who can conjugate verbs and string coherent sentences together, but it is no longer the norm. To take it a step further, I have the communication chameleon skillset, able to adapt my style and register of communication up and down to meet style preferences from the C-suite to the wash alley.  

  • Must be able to thrive and adapt to change in a very fast-paced environment

My extensive experience with bootstrapped startups as well as early stage funded startups has prepared me more than the average candidate for fast-paced, adapt-or-perish, high stakes work context. My mentality is one of an entrepreneur, so I truly thrive in these circumstances which can be unnerving for many. My experience also means I can be the level head and calm hand through stormy conditions.

  • Proactive territory management, prospecting, and 'trailblazing'

In every entrepreneurial venture I've started and every company I've worked for, I've prospected effectively and blazed trails with colleagues, on my own, and alongside customers. This has resulted in vast value creation for customers and their customers. I enjoy it and I'm good at it. Check out Justin's interactive resume for more details and specific examples.

  • Intellectual curiosity and a desire to grow a business

This is almost my strongest trait; all of my friends would describe me as curious, often asking the question, how can we make it better or improve it. My passion to grow businesses is fundamental to my world view; I believe in the power of business to make a positive impact on the world, helping people be more efficient so they can re-allocate time to friends and family and growing their business, which in turn contributes to society.

  • A student of sales, marketing, and analytics

I am truly a student of sales, marketing, and analytics. I have always been a sales and BD guy and going back to get my MBA was a two-year demonstration of my analytical focus and commitment. You can't manage what you can't measure; I get it. I understand what this means BOTH from the perspective of the sales person as well as that of the sales manager. From well before my Psychology undergraduate study, driven by what makes people tick, I have had an authentic interst in sales and marketing and how these disciplines are practiced in various contexts. My interests continue beyond the workday into my personal time, contemplating how prospects are hearing messages, what customers are saying, and how I can more effectively convey the value proposition to move the dial for my company. 

  • High energy and a positive attitude a must

Colleagues have consistently remarked throughout my career my uncanny ability to remain positive and spin stressful and challenging circumstances back into wins. Paired with my tenacity, this positivity makes me (by one account) a force of nature! (See LinkedIn recommendations)

Benefits and Perks:

  • Flexible time off (vacation, sick, volunteer = your choice!)
  • Corporate discounts
  • Generous insurance policies (pets included!)
  • Tuition reimbursement
  • Money for fitness programs
  • End of month surprises, contests, BBQs, parties & reward vacations
  • Kitchen stocked daily with tasty snacks and drinks
  • Free parking & commuter benefits
  • 401k & employee match

About Xactly Corporation

Xactly is a leading provider of enterprise-class, cloud-based, incentive compensation solutions for employee and sales performance management. We address a critical business need: To incentivize employees and align their behaviors with company goals. Our products allow organizations to make more strategic decisions, increase employee performance, improve margins, and mitigate risk. Our core values are key to our success, and each day we’re committed to upholding them by delivering the best we can to our customers.

Xactly is proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer. Xactly provides equal employment opportunities to all employees and applicants without regard to race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, disability, veteran status, pregnancy, sexual orientation, or any other characteristic protected by law. 

We do not accept resumes from agencies, headhunters, or other suppliers who have not signed a formal agreement with us.

Named among the best workplaces in the U.S. by Great Place to Work for three years running, honored on FORTUNE Magazine’s inaugural list of the 100 Best Workplaces for Millennials, and chosen as the “Market Leader in Incentive Compensation” by CRM magazine, Xactly is proud to be disrupting the incentive compensation market space. We’re building a culture of success and are looking for motivated professionals to join us!

As an Enterprise Account Executive in Xactly's downtown Denver office, you will join our growing sales team and be responsible for contributing to our broader growth plans. We are seeking an experienced, energetic, motivated and articulate team player who is passionate about sales and excited to spread the Xactly love.

Not only do we offer strong growth opportunities for strong performers, but we also have a top-notch culture, benefits (check them out below) and more. Our strong C.A.R.E. values - customer success, accountability, respect & excellence - guide our every move, allowing us to be a leader in the incentive compensation & performance management market. We set the example with excellent customer experience and deliver an award-winning SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) product!

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