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summary of qualifications

Metrics- and results-driven seasoned sales executive with broad experience in many verticals

  • Cold-called, on-boarded and serviced customers in multiple industries across diverse products and services
  • Increased sales and grew established books of business; managed projects and budgets and led teams

Worked with reps as sales manager, cultivated customer relationships, co-innovated, developed and sold new-to-market products and services in SaaS, chemicals, energy, laundry, financial services & Agriculture with a focus on sustainability

Trusted team member and leader; recommendations and references available throughout my career. References are not limited to my LinkedIn, but it's a great place to start. Specific references also available on request. 


References available upon request for every position from customers & colleagues

Senior Business Analyst, Bluewolf, an IBM Company (Denver, CO)                                                                   2017

Project management and Salesforce configuration, focused on Sales, Service, and Community Clouds

Business Development Executive, POINT380 (Boulder, CO)                                                                             2016

Built marketing and sales foundation for a boutique sustainability consulting firm in a consulting contractor capacity.

Commercial Sales Director, Clear Comfort Water (Boulder, CO)                                                                 2015-2016

Sold chlorine-free, non-irritating, water disinfection systems 

  • Personally closed $200,000+ in addition to ~$400,000 in first firm team sales in < 18 months
  • Worked alongside my team in AZ, TX, CA and CO to land first sales of new pool technology

Clear Comfort success stories

VP of Sales & Marketing, Vision Chemical Systems (Aurora, CO)                                                               2013-2015
Sold industry-leading specialty chemicals and cleaning systems

  • Cold-called my own book of business to replace my salary within 12 months
  • Through presentations and real-world load testing, obtained local pilot location approval within 18 months of new product application discovery. Innovated & sold new laundry as a service.

Vision Chemical success stories 

Consultant and Researcher, E Source (Boulder, CO)                                                                                2011-2012
Provided research, advisory and information services to utilities, CEMs etc.

  • ETDB developer: emerging technologies DB to steward domestic energy resources
  • Responded to member inquiries; published on Electric Vehicles

E Source success stories  

MBA Intern, Account Manager, Pangea Organics (Boulder, CO)                                                                    2011
Pangea’s skincare products use only organic ingredients and TBL business practices 

  • Integrated Salesforce.com with QuickBooks
  • Designed, developed, & authored new sales & marketing tools; trained staff to implement them

Pangea success stories

MBA Intern, Rocky Mountain Institute RMI:  Project Get Ready (Boulder,CO)                                           2010

RMI success stories

Financial Planner, AGT Tax Advisory Group (Chicago,IL)                                                                                 2009

Sold equity indexed annuities, built structure around and formalized sales processes, wrote scripts, conducted client intakes

AGT success stories

Development Director, Grass Commons (Chicago,IL)                                                                                    2008

Sold product futures and open source software

Grass Commons success stories

Executive Director, Mana Mushrooms (Chicago,IL)                                                                                          2005-2008

Oversaw a startup from inception; conducted primary research, open-sourced results of practical nature as a model for business, zero emissions business, using industrial inputs (brewery by-products + moulding manufacture by-products or "waste" to grow edible (non-hallucinogenic) mushrooms.

Mana Mushrooms success stories

Accounts Manager, KLD Research and Analytics (Boston, MA)                                                                          2002-2005

  • Managed and grew the KLD ($3M) book of business by 20%
  • Serviced and negotiated sales with 7 of 10 of the largest money managers in the US
  • Functionally promoted to VP of Sales after 9 months
  • Implemented Salesforce.com, transitioned from patchwork SQL, Access DBs
  • Negotiated and customized contracts with business decision makers and legal teams
  • Sold custom file integration to global SMA market leaders

KLD success stories


Leeds School of Business, University of Colorado at Boulder (Boulder, CO)                                                 2010-2012 

Masters of Business Administration | Emphasis in sustainability & Entrepreneurship 

internships: RMI, Pangea Organics, E Source

CU MBA success stories  

Wabash College (Crawfordsville, CO)                                                                                                            1998-2002 

  • Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology (minors: Economics, French), Student Senator
  • 12 months study abroad in France
  • Malcolm X Institute for Black Studies - X-Position editor, KQ&K program tutor/mentor

Wabash success stories


  • Salesforce Admin201 via Bluewolf
  • CPO: Certified Pool Operator via Clear Comfort 
  • ZERI: Zero Emissions Research & Initiatives Certificate in sustainable systems design: Gunter Pauli, George Chan

additional pursuits with global view 


  1. Implemented conservation plan saving >10,000 gallons of water per year and improving recycling systems at Patagonia

  2. MBA Independent Study on the business of water

  3. Implemented MBA BHAG Project: Gyre Sticker increased awareness about the Pacific Garbage Patch

energy: Led a dozen colleagues to develop award-winning, patented filter: “X-Lint
Hobbies: spending time w our Dog, cooking, cycling, surfing, sales, Efficiency, and languages

Surprising lesser-known skills: I could moonlight as a foley artist. I studied Hapkido and can count to ten in Korean.
ZERI – Member: Zero Emissions Research & Initiatives - nature as a model for business
Lived in Brazil for 9 months: learned Brazilian Portuguese, how to surf, worked in local restaurant & w local conservation NGO
Lived abroad in Grenoble and Tours, France for  9 months; fluent in French